Of Mettle and Steel

DAK Resources Proudly Serves Our Veterans I made a promise to my fellow soldiers and Marines that … I’d figure out a way to support them.” ― David Moorefield, President andFounder, DAK Resources We don’t leave anyone behind … that holds true in the service as well as the private […]

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Who Are Leaders? Part 1

By William G. Mora Great leaders follow. Understanding the functions and characteristics of eminent leaders is a prudent prerequisite to those who aspire to such positions. There are role models aplenty one can emulate, learn from and aspire to. Volumes have been written about key traits and the modus operandi […]

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The New Face of the Market

The invention of the Internet changed the face of commercial marketing forever. Never before has it ever been so easy to reach so many potential consumers. Likewise, though, never before has it been so easy to be drowned out by your competition. On the Internet, a company is competing for […]

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