Uber will soon know if you’re drunk and could refuse to pick you up

Uber will soon know if you’re drunk and could refuse to pick you up

Uber has filed a patent for an artificial intelligence system that could be used to tell if passengers are drunk and possibly deny them service.

Its computer scientists have invented an artificial intelligence network capable of guessing the state of a user through machine learning.

The techalyzer will be able to determine if passengers are likely to “behave abnormally (e.g. abnormally) during a trip” and then “change their trip” automatically. Although the patent does not explicitly mention drunkenness, it could be used to help drivers deny people who have too much.

In the patent describing its technology, Uber wrote, “A travel coordination system identifies uncharacteristic user activity and may take an action to reduce undesired consequences of uncharacteristic user states.

“The system uses a computer model to identify user and trip characteristics indicative of the unusual user state.”

Uber’s AI has several ways of guessing if someone’s bongoed. Firstly, it could use reports filed by previous drivers, which Uber refers to as ‘providers’.

“Such monitoring and trip feedback may indicate whether a user’s state was unusual during the trip or when picked up by the provider,” it continued.

The system uses the data about past trips to train a computer model to predict a user state of a user submitting a trip request.


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