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Visionaries - May 18, 2018

The New Face of the Market

The invention of the Internet changed the face of commercial marketing forever. Never before has it ever been so easy to reach so many potential consumers. Likewise, though, never before has it been so easy to be drowned out by your competition.

On the Internet, a company is competing for monopoly on a global scale. No longer does business competition end at the county line. Now companies can battle each other for revenue from opposing hemispheres and time zones. The rapid expansion of the global market calls for certain qualities to be present in Internet marketing if it is to be effective.

Internet marketing is advantageous over traditional advertising for multiple reasons. Advertising online is not limited by time and runs continuously. When taking this fact into consideration, it becomes generally cheaper than printed ads or prime-time TV ads. At any given time there is a much larger audience to online advertisements than any other kind.

The most important thing to know about internet marketing is that content is king. Nothing is more effective than good content in your advertisements. Consumers are bombarded with ads online screaming at them to “Buy Now!” and that “Supplies are limited!” and that they will “Save More!” It doesn’t take long for people to start automatically blocking out these types of advertisements and ignoring them all together. Consumers know that ads of this nature are usually fraudulent and therefore even when legitimate ads echo this marketing style they get ignored.

The message in an online ad needs to be focused on a specific audience. It is impractical to try and target the whole world as potential consumers of your product. A message aimed at everyone will usually reach no one. If you focus on your main target audience, then you will get a better response to your advertisements than if you try to target everyone. Then, if you sell a quality product or service, the new customers you gained through your effective Internet marketing will become repeat customers, which is what makes or breaks any business. No company can survive off of first-time customers. You have to keep your patrons coming back. Before they start coming back though, they have to come the first time, which is where effective Internet marketing can help you.

Making your product a top hit on a search engine site is one of the best ways to effectively advertise on the Internet. Users searching with keywords are actively looking for information. This fact alone means that your advertisement won’t immediately become just another nuisance in today’s buzzing world of mass media.

Don’t hesitate to give your consumers lots of information on your product or service before they even begin the ordering process. A big part of advertising is gaining your audience’s trust. They need to believe that your message is genuine and that your product and service is of good quality.

A good venue for Internet marketing is social media. Consumers are more comfortable in the realms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram than out in the middle of nowhere on the open Internet, so take advantage of your audience’s comfort zone. They are more likely to read your content with less skepticism, and also will feel more confident in their ability to spot fraudulence in a familiar environment.

Businesses that are all about the sale don’t tend to stay in business for very long. Be sure your Internet marketing sends a message that goes beyond “Buy Now!” and stands out against the crowd as a trustworthy source of a quality product built on ethics and good business, and you should do just fine in the world of online advertising.

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