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No plan to regulate social media – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission says it does not intend to regulate the use of social media across the country.

In a statement made on Monday by the director of public affairs, Mr. Tony Ojobo, the regulatory agency said that it also did not work with the National Assembly to enact a law on the use of social media.

According to Mr. Ojobo, the agency advocated self-regulation, which allowed social media users to consider the impact of their actions on the media.

The NCC spokesman stated, “The commission wishes to state it has no plan to regulate the social media but advocates for responsible and ethical use of the social media in such a way to engender national cohesion and development.

“We recognise that the social media play a key role in the democratic process and have contributed to shaping narratives that engender positive debates and interactions.

“It is our hope that the ongoing discussions in the various forums dissuading the use of hate speeches and other such tendencies will create the desired impact on the minds of people for a responsible use of the social media.”

There has been speculation that the government will crack down on the use of social media as a result of the spread of malicious messages on social media, a use that has become common as a result of the ubiquity of smartphones and higher Internet penetration.

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