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News around Africa - Startup - Visionaries - November 21, 2018

Meet 10 year-old South African Fashion Entrepreneur, Enhle Gebashe

Enhle Gebashe defied age limitations with her Enhle Babes Couture, a glamorous children’s brand specially made from African prints, as her venture into the aggressive business fashion world is taking the sector by storm.

Founding an African kiddies clothing line, the Grade 5 pupil at Rosebank Primary School in Johannesburg, already has a hectic schedule as her activities are making it difficult for her to play like other kids.

The 10-year-old, who has caught the eyes of the mainstream media for non-stop for interview requests, says that her wears are bespoke to meet the expectations of her target market, which are 4 -12 year-olds.

Enhle says that her schedule is flooded with orders from family and friends. Asides this, she goes fabric-shopping after school hours and also does photo-shoots on some of her creations over weekends.

The overnight social media sensation explains that the original idea to designing children’s clothing came as she was contemplating on ways to make extra pocket money and to pay for her school trips, without having to ask her mum.

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Enhle who is ecstatic by the likes she gets when she posts her designs on social media, adds that she wants to design dresses, African prints, and everything in between.

“So many people know me,” she says.

“I can’t believe this is happening to me. At school I’m getting so much attention, the people who used to bully me are now respecting me,”

“Social media has been the main marketing strategy for us,” Enhle explains.

Her mom, Desiree describes her as a very bright kid who delights in what she does; “Our plan was never to get her to be famous,” Desiree says. “I just wanted her to do what makes her happy, which is designing.”

She also expresses her fears that too much publicity does not affect her childhood.

“I fear that she is very young for all this fame, so we need to be very careful about how she is handled going forward.

“It makes me feel so proud to be her mother. I hope that she succeeds in everything that she does.” Desiree added.

“I’ve always known that Enhle is going to be something big one day,” Desiree says. “I kind of had it at the back of my head but I didn’t know it was going to be something this serious.”



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