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Business - Explainers - December 3, 2018

5 Top Marketing Tips for Your New Business Venture

The end and the beginning of every year marks a time to plan for what’s next in business, careers, etc. For some, there could be a next step up the job hierarchy to consider, but for many others, starting a business is at the first on their thoughts.

While some people garner ideas from the experiences in their careers, others have core entrepreneurial drives to pursue their dreams. Whatever works for you, in order to get your business off the ground, you need healthy marketing drives to help grow your business.

Here are 5 top marketing tips to help you kick-start that idea of yours into a business and keep it afloat:

You Must Plan

Planning for a new business is very vital. To get a clearer picture of how to plan your venture, most business individuals focus on the answers to these 3 major questions: Who is your target market? How will people benefit from your product/service? What challenges does your services/product solve?

Next step to planning is a market research and analysis which will help you draw a profile of your customer and ensure both content and future products are created with them in the picture.

Planning also entails getting a full understanding of the competition. The strength of your competition can help you build yours and their weaknesses can help you measure up to be a better prospect for their customers and yours.

Build Your website and Keep It Fresh

Having a website of your own is a must in today’s businesses world. Get one so that you don’t miss out on important sales opportunities. Also, keeping your site updated on a regular is also sacrosanct. Keep your website alive by posting fresh contents, images, etc.

Your website is like your shop window and an opportunity to get your product and services noticed. Whether it’s a simple site or a complex one, the main catch is for you to have a base for your brand that clearly states what you do and who you target. But while at it, remember key elements such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and branding which should be put into consideration throughout the design and content creation process.

Keep Good Networking

However old this technique is, it still works and can be immensely effective. Face-to-face contacts with the right people in the right environment can put you in a great position to sell and promote your business. Online contacts can also help in getting information about events, offerings and shared experiences.

With a good network and connections from your career place, the society you belong or local community where you reside, you may be already positioned to get your business started. The people you meet on a daily basis may be able to offer mentoring and insight in ways you never imagined. Collaborations can serve to help boost your business if properly harnessed.

Engaging Social Media Strengths

With over 2.80 billion social media users globally, Social media has become much more than the metrics of shares and likes. You can now develop a proper channel to reach your customers and position your brand. The modern business needs a social media presence to engage their audiences as well as to help them keep attention on their business activities.

For 21st-century users, social media is an amazing way to keep tabs with customer service, get feedbacks and you can use it to develop marketing strategies such as influencer marketing.

Offer Incentives and Use Eye-popping Promotional Materials

This is a two-in-one tip. Rewarding your existing customers is a good way in which to ensure that they remain supportive of your brand. With word of mouth, a loyal customer can refer you to a potential client that can open new business opportunities for you. This can be a powerful marketing tool that costs you little or nothing.

While rewarding your loyal customers is important, keep in mind that first impression is also very crucial. A logo that is distinctive, robust slogans or taglines designs and compact marketing message will help raise awareness for your product. This centres around having a strong brand identity that can get you noticed. While at it, consider opting for targeted promotional materials with different images, graphics, etc, formats to appeal to various demographics.

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