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LATEST MAGAZINE - Profiles - April 25, 2019

Eko Hotels & Suites Stresses Eco-Friendly Living, Hosts Painting Contest

The management of Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos has stressed the need for a committed eco-friendly living in Nigeria.

At its first Children Painting Contest using recyclable art to mark the 2019 Earth Day, the Chairman Eko Hotels and Suites re-echoed the necessity of eco-friendly and green practices especially by players in the hospitality and the general public to support the environment and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Winner of Eko Hotels & Suites Eco-Friendly Painting Contest, Master Adegoke Ademola from Kingston College, Lagos, clinching his prize with family members

The occasion also saw to a tree planting exercise by stakeholders led by Mr Christopher Chagoury, the Chairman of Eko Hotels and Suites, followed by invited guests and stakeholders.

He explained that Eko Hotel Management and Staff have been trained on best eco-friendly practices which have resulted in reduced energy consumption, water conservation methods and the use of biodegradable utensils/amenities.

“We are far more than just a global and local leader, we are the equivalent of a community that hosts over 500,000 clients each year providing them with water, energy, food and a hospitable environment.

“During just the month of March 2019, we are proud to announce that we have saved 7,764 Kilograms of CO2 by recycling plastic. We have saved 229.6 kilowatts of energy by recycling cans, and we have saved 1 1/2 trees by recycling paper. And this is only the beginning, imagine if we all join forces.

“We are proud to have also reduced energy and water consumptions. We haven’t yet reached the level of green perfections not only because we have just started but also because of the peculiarity of the environment we live in.

“As earlier stated, we cannot achieve this project alone. It is a long term and team-oriented campaign that will help us realise our dream. All of us have a part to play in building a liveable and endearing home from the simple act of managing our rubbish to not wasting electricity and recycling right. We need to help everyone recycling, reusing and reducing waste and we can’t be in the fight alone for our planet.

“Lastly, a warm congratulation to our ten final students and three grand winners. We’ve got the science, we’ve had the debates, yet it’s only through art and creativity that we will make people want to act. Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics, and who better than our future generation to kick off that new era,” Mr Chagoury stressed.

Winners at the painting contest were Master Adegoke Ademola from Kingston College – first position, Akindele Abdulazin – Second, and Olugbenga Ayooluwa – third.

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