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Deals and Investment - Profiles - May 7, 2019

TRCN to Remove Unregistered Teachers from Classrooms by 2020

The Registrar and Chief Executive of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, Professor Josiah Olusegun Ajoboye has reiterated that Nigerian teachers must register with the body or be removed from classrooms in January 2020.

 While fielding questions from journalists at the 3rd edition of the Meadow Hall Foundation Education Convention 2019, Mr. Ajiboye noted that the time has come to enforce sanctions om unregistered teachers.

“It’s not TRCN that took the decision. The decision was taken by the National Council on Education and that has been since 2006 and we have been repeating it. And then in 2017 in Kano, the National Council on Education reiterated an earlier decision that had been taken that anyone who wants to teach in Nigeria must first be qualified, registered and licensed by the TRCN.

“If by the end of December 2019 you are not yet qualified, registered and licensed by the TRCN, believe me that as from January 2020 enforcements will begin and we will #ensure that such people are removed from our classrooms.

“I want to encourage anyone that still wants to be a nation builder, that wants to be a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession. It’s the noblest of all. We teach, others learn. If you still want to be a teacher, I think you should do the needful. You still have enough time to remedy any shortcoming. We have professional qualifying exams in May 24 and 25 and then another in October. So you have two opportunities to make sure you register with TRCN.

On regular teaching curricula revision, Mr. Ajiboye explained that every education body charged with the responsibility is already on it. “… what I can tell you is that curriculum revision is a continuous thing and the National Education Research and Development Council is embarking on a massive revision of our curricula. I can also tell you that even at the level of the Colleges of Education, the National Commission for Colleges of Education is also reviewing the curricula of colleges of Education presently and the National Universities Commission is monitoring all universities to make sure that their curriculum is up to date with international standards, so curriculum review is a continuous thing”.

He explained that teacher welfare and training are also top on the priority list of the TRCN.

“In TRCN we are not only concerned about teacher professionalism, we are also concerned about their welfare. Now, we are concerned with teacher career progression because you cannot employ someone and the person will remain in the same spot for ten years. This is not acceptable. This scheme of service that is being used is not favourable to teachers. So we are trying to develop a teacher career progression policy and the government is trying to support us so that we will be able to come up with that.

“Also we engage in teacher-training programmes and mandatory continued development programmes to encourage them.

“We are also looking at how to encourage state governments to make sure that salaries of teachers are paid on time, also we are glad that the government has just approved the new national minimum wage bill and we feel that this will have a positive impact on our teachers,” he added.

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education. It was established by the TRCN Decree N0. 31 of 1993 (now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004) with the major mandate of regulation and control of the Teaching Profession at all levels of the Nigerian Education System, both in the public and private sectors.

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