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Profiles - Tech Analysis - July 17, 2019

I need to go to Nigeria, I heard the jollof rice is really good – Ed Sheeran

Nigerian tourism is getting a boost from its entertainment sector soon as popular British singer, Ed Sheeran has said he needs to visit Nigeria to taste one of the country’s most cherished meals – the jollof rice.

The multiple award-winning English record producer and guitarist who had visited Ghana years back is planning to visit the West African country in what seems to be a craving for the Nigerian popular dish.

seems to have clung to the continent’s socio-cultural norms as he recently revealed plans to visit

What seems to have attracted attention was his complimentary remarks about the country’s jollof rice — a cuisine he wasted no time in revealing he has heard much about and look forward to having.

“I’ve got to get back to Africa. After the tour, I want to go and chill out there. I was in Ghana a few years back and I loved it. Now I need to go to Nigeria. I heard the jollof rice is really good there,” the ‘Shape of You’ crooner told The Sun.

The gifted singer made this known just days after he opened up about the darker side of fame.

He is among other renowned celebrated icons who have lent their voices to the sumptuous meal. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had made similar comments after his professional visit to Lagos in 2017.

Sheeran had revealed his associates dissuaded him on the idea of indulging excessively in local cuisines but he defiantly ordered Jollof rice, pounded yam, and snail soup — the first being his favourite pick.

“It was delicious, I loved it. I was told not to compare the jollof rice with that of neighbouring countries, so we’ll stop there,” Zuckerberg was quoted to have said.

In 2018, Denys Gauer, Ambassador of France to Nigeria, had said: “jollof rice was his favourite Nigerian dish.“

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