Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, to Meet in Jan 13 Over Dam Dispute
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Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, to Meet in Jan 13 Over Dam Dispute

The foreign ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia will meet on January 13 in Washington in a bid to resolve the Nile River Dam project dispute.

In a joint statement issued by the U.S Treasury Department on Monday December 9, parties from the three countries will meet to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the massive dam project on the Nile River in Ethiopia

According to Reuters, the statement was issued after the three ministers met with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and World Bank President David Malpass to work out differences over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the second such meeting since early November.

The three countries are looking to resume and conclude talks over a $4 billion dam being built in Addis Ababa on the Nile River which had been suspended for over a year.

Egypt sees the project as a threat to its water supplies as it fears the dam will restrict Nile River flows, the economic lifeblood of all three countries, from Ethiopia’s highlands, through the deserts of Sudan, to Egyptian fields and reservoirs.

Ethiopia disputes that the mega-dam will harm Egypt, and in November, MENA quoted Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as saying he wanted to preserve Egypt’s Nile River rights.

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