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Business Elites Africa – “40 Under-40 African Business Icons” 2020 Edition


It is with great pleasure that we welcome everyone that is reading us for the first time. We present to you the 2020 “40 Under-40 African Business Icons” issue of Business Elites Africa.

The global Coronavirus crisis has left an untold amount of devastation on the lives of people and communities all around, the economies of nations and our businesses. We want to personally congratulate everyone who has beaten the odds to arrive on this side of history with us today. For those who lost loved ones and closest friends, our condolences.

As industry thinkers and pacesetters, we want to lace up at this time and roll out our best brains and core strategies to help our businesses and economies bounce strong past the unseen evil that has brought so much ruin and uncertainty yesterday.

Contained within these pages are profiles of Africa’s 40 young and emerging business leaders under the age of 40. Their stories are inspiring and poignant, with trails sometimes filled with heartaches, uncertainties and courage. They are Africa’s finest business minds. Unwavering and unafraid to take the bigger leaps in the quest to attain greater heights. You are the true champions and heroes of our land!

Etop Ikpe (Nigeria), Eugene Peters (Zimbabwe), Dennis Ngango (South Africa) and Diane Audrey Ngako (Cameroon). Others are Tanzania’s Doreen Peter, South Africa’s Sir Ebonoko and Rwanda’s Eric Rutayisire, amongst many others. The business successes and leadership profiles of these and other leading Under-40 industry icons in Africa are on full display in this edition.

These young men and women have held centre stage for years in redefining the African economy. And they are just getting started.

On behalf of the team at Business Elites Africa, we would like to thank everyone featured in this issue, for allowing us to tell their stories and for participating in the goals of this publication.

Many thanks to you, our ardent readers and followers! Our continued existence and relevance is owed to you. Your partnership and support on this journey is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the issue!

Please send us your thoughts on how we can continue to improve and what you’d like to see in our future publications.

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