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5 Things People with Winning Mindsets Always Avoid

Changing your mindset can greatly improve your life and how you do business. It is perhaps the most valuable tool we have as humans, and if used the right way, it can be the difference between who we are now and that greater person that we become.

So, what exactly is ‘mindset’? Your mindset is the collection of thoughts and beliefs which determines how you think. Your mindset influences how you make sense of the world, and how you see yourself.

With that understanding, let’s take look at some things a winning mindset will never harbour.

1. Living in Self-pity

People with winning mindsets never dwell on how they’ve been mistreated or get stuck with feeling sorry for how they’ve been mistreated. They realise that they are better off taking responsibility for their actions and its outcomes, and have an inherent understanding of the fact that life is usually not fair.

Thinking this way, they can recover from tough situations with self-consciousness and appreciation for the lessons they’ve learned. As business author, Cheryl Cooner puts it “When a situation turns out badly, they respond with phrases such as “Oh, well.” Or perhaps simply, ‘Next!’ ”

2. Repeating the same mistakes

Remember that famous quote by Albert Einstein? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. People with winning mindsets take full responsibility for bad decisions they’ve made in the past and are willing to learn from mistakes. Research shows that one of the greatest attributes of remarkably productive business people is the ability to be self-reflective.

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3. Resenting Other People’s Success.

People with winning mindsets do not feel pain at the sight of other people’s success, rather they feel genuine joy and excitement for the success of other people. When others excel, they don’t become jealous or resentful — though they can take close notes on what the person did well. They are willing to work hard, without relying on shortcuts for their own chances of success.

4. Giving Up After Failure

Every failure provides an opportunity to improve. Even the greatest business people are willing to admit that their early attempts inevitably produced several shortcomings. People with winning mindsets are able to fail again and again if necessary, as long as it gets them closer to achieving their goals.

5. Expecting Instant Results

When people with winning mindsets set out to achieve a goal, they know better than to expect instant results. They strategically utilise their time and energy and celebrate every increase in progress. They understand that it takes time for genuine success to happen.

All things considered, there is no better time than now to start evaluating how you think about your experiences and goals in life and business. Get on the positive side and train your mind for winning.

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