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News - News around Africa - September 3, 2020

Trouble At Car45? CEO, 11 Others Dump eCommerce Company

All may not be well with the internal operations of Nigerian’s eCommerce startup for used cars, Car45 as some of its management staff unceremoniously exited the company.

It is not uncommon for employees to partways with their employer but what raised an eyebrow with the Car45 situation is that the company posted a mugshot-like disclaimer of 11 ex-staff, some of who are believed to be top management members, asserting that anyone who does business with them is at their own risk.

Plus, the disclaimer comes shortly after one of the co-founders of Car45, Etop Ikpe, who served as the company’s CEO since 2016, stepped down from his position. Sources said he left the company in July 2020.

The disclaimer, which has now been deleted, was posted on Car45 Instagram and Twitter pages. It said the 11 individuals seized to be the company’s employees from August 25.

“They are not authorised to represent the company in any matter whatsoever. Anyone dealing with them on behalf of Cars45 is doing so at his own responsibility”, the disclaimer read.

Usually, companies put out disclaimers about ex-staff when issues of improprieties are suspected. Although WeeTracker quoted Car45 as saying the ex-staff left the company on their own volition, it is believed that there is more to the story than it’s being told.

“The employees left on their own accord and we deemed it fit to inform our customers because we value transparency. It was simply our responsibility to let our customers know this change as they have been known with the business and without any communication from us, customers might still approach them for business regarding Cars45. Hence, we thought it best to let our customers know they are no longer representing Cars45 and the business as a whole,” the company was quoted as saying.

A screenshot of the disclaimer posted on Car45 Instagram page

Business Elites Africa (BEA) reached out to Car45 to probe further but the company’s phone line rang several times without an answer.

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As it raises some questions that multiple employees resigned from the company at the same time, there are speculations that the employees left to join the new automobile venture the erstwhile CEO just floated.

A quick check at Ikpe’s LinkedIn page shows that he is now the CEO of a new company called NewCo. He had also worked with Konga and the now-defunct Dealdey.

Car45 was co-founded by Ikpe, Iyamu Mohammed, Peter Lindholm and Sujay Tyle, who was also the CEO of Frontier Cars Group (FCG), a Berlin-based parent company of Car45. Tyle reportedly stepped down from his position and exited FCG in August.

Prominent for the buying, selling, and swapping of used cars, Car45 also has a presence in Ghana and Kenya.


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