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Career Tips - Explainers - September 22, 2020

Quick Take: How Entrepreneurs Can Grow their Businesses into big Enterprises

It is the desire of every small business to grow into a full-fledged, successful/profitable enterprise. But we all know that it is one thing to dream big, and another thing to actually bring said dream to fruition. As an entrepreneur, are you really doing the right thing to grow your business? Well, this is the one million question! And Business Elites Africa is here to answer it.

Earlier today, we came across a post on LinkedIn by the CEO of Zido Freight & Logistics, Samuel Akinniyi Ajiboyede. Although simple and straight to the point, Ajiboyede’s LinkedIn post specified some very helpful tips on how existing and aspiring entrepreneurs can grow their small businesses into big companies. See his points below:

  • Get the right product for the right market.
  • Ensure that the quality of your service/product is second to none.
  • Have an exceptional consumer service.
  • While looking for new customers, work on retaining the existing ones.
  • Give your business good publicity. 
  • Give rewards to customers who refer new customers to you. 
  • The success of your business lies in the hands of your team members. Ensure that you’re on the same page with them.

Again, these are very straight-forward and insightful pointers. Perhaps, one reason you should pay attention to these tips is because of the person that gave them (i.e., Ajiboyede) has apparently used them to successfully grow his business. His company is undoubtedly one of the major players in the logistics field. Just a day earlier, he shared another post about how Zido Freight has been able to achieve its 2020 target in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that Zido Freight & Logistics uses simplified technology to make shipping/cargo transportation easier and more efficient. Another company that has taken this approach to logistics is privately-held Kobo360. Both companies are based in Nigeria’s commercial city Lagos.

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