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Startup - September 22, 2020

Meet Flip Phone, the SA Startup that Buys Used Tech Devices

A new local tech startup, Flip Phone, aims to provide South Africans with a simple and convenient method to sell their used smartphones and buy other tech devices.

Users can safely sell their used devices via Flip Phone with instant Electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments earned.

Founded in 2018, Flip Phone strives to be South Africa’s largest trusted marketplace for the sale and purchase of tech devices. The tech startup was created by entrepreneur, Conor Copas and took off like a rocket ship in 2020.

Creating his tech company during moonlight hours while working at a successful eCommerce wellness website, Faithful to Nature, Copas describes that he chose to take the business on full time during the lockdown.

“During this time of working full time and moonlighting, Flip Phone was gaining steady traction and I made the jump to grow Flip Phone on a full-time basis at the end of May 2020.”

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The 28-year-old entrepreneur based in Cape Town has a wealth of experience in the eCommerce sector, working with Groupon and as a founding member of Hyperli. The idea of making a Flip Phone was the basis of his previous work experience.

Flip Phone explains in an interview with Ventureburn that personal and private financing has bootstrapped the company.

“To date, it has been privately funded. We were approached by interested investors at the beginning of the year, but due to Covid-19 related factors on their end they had to pull out.”

Flip Phone uses machine learning algorithms to assess valuations of tech goods compared with other competitors. In addition, users who are trying to sell their tech devices will be provided payment immediately with a defined quoted price.

“The reason we can do this is that we’ve built up a large dataset to model consumer behaviour and match supply and demand,” explains Flip Phone.

Using the Flip Phone Service

Flip Phone uses an online platform to help users to obtain instant quotes on their used appliances

If users wish to sell their devices on the website, item is received by the company’s delivery service and inspected. Users can expect payment within a single business day for their system once inspected.

Users are can determine the date of the collection of their devices. Flip Phone advises potential users that the collection of devices may be delayed due to the impact of Covid-19.

To ensure that the device is in working order, on-site technicians and developers carefully inspect each unit.

Currently, Flip Phone is the only online platform that pays out through instant EFT when users sell their used devices to the platform.

Flip phone does not only provides locals with a convenient method of selling their used smartphones but also refurbishes the devices and lists them on their online store.

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