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Explainers - Financial Literacy - September 26, 2020

How to Apply for a Loan and Get it

The best advice on how to apply for a loan and get it is to know all the things you must avoid in your loan application process. As you may well know, millions of people around the world (both regular people, entrepreneurs, and big corporations) rely on loans to meet some pressing financial needs. However, it is one thing to apply for a loan and another thing to actually get it.

In these COVID times, lenders have understandably become a lot more careful about how they lend. They need to be sure that they are giving their money to people who can actually pay back (with interests) as at when due. Therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes in your loan application process because any mistake can hamper your chances of getting a loan offer.

That said, below are the top ten mistakes to avoid whenever you apply for personal loans or loans to fund your business.

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  1. A messy Credit History

Let’s be clear, no bank will lend you any money if your credit history is questionable. A borrower’s credit history is one of the factors that determine whether they eventually get a loan offer or not. This is because banks need to be assured of your ability to pay back the money as at when due. Therefore, if you do not have a responsible loan repayment track record, you will definitely find it difficult accessing new loans.

  1. Not knowing the right type of Loan to Apply for

Some loan seekers are just in a rush to access funding and as such, do not bother to fully understand the type of loan that is best suited for them. Unfortunately, applying for the wrong type of loan will work against your chances of eventually getting one.

To explain this, let’s assume that Emilia is a small business owners who urgently needs about €5, 000 to finance her business. If she goes ahead to fill out the forms for short-term personal loan, her loan request will most likely get rejected. This is why should be able to read the fine print in order to be fully aware of the type of loan you need and how to get it.

  1. Forgetting to Seek out Expert Opinion

Some of the mistakes loan seekers make could easily be avoided if only they bothered to consult a professional. Note that potential lenders are interested in knowing whether you consulted an expert for some necessary professional advice prior to applying for the loan. For instance, an expert can help you to better understand the type of loan you should be applying as well as the loan terms. Unfortunately, when you fail to consult them, you go about your loan search blindly which leads to failure.

  1. Having a Poorly-Conceived Business Plan

Before a lender can approve your loan application for your business, they must be convinced that such a business is viable enough to guarantee returns on investments. This is important to them because no lender can afford to accumulate bad loans. Therefore, when your business plan so not viable and convincing enough, there is no way you are getting the funding that you need.

  1. Not Being Tenacious Enough

Some people have lost the opportunity to pursue their business dreams just because their first loan application got rejected. Inasmuch as lenders have a way of discerning a viable business plan, some of them do make the mistake of refusing to fund certain businesses just because they don’t believe in them. This should never make you give up. Instead, it should spur you to seek out other lenders until you get the right one that believes in your dream.

  1. Seeking for a Loan without Collateral

Lenders are in business to make money. This is why they ask for collateral which makes it possible for them to give out secured loans. The importance of this is so that if anything happens and you are unable to repay the loan, they will have something to fall back on instead of losing out completely. So, do not be selfish into thinking that you will find a loan without collateral. You may just have to look forever.

  1. Too many Loan Applications

If you make the mistake of applying for too many loans at the same time thinking that will increase your chances of eventually getting one, you might just end up jeopardising your chances.

  1. Failing to Establish Relationships

It is always advisable to build cordial relationships with bankers even long before thinking of applying for loans. After all, you never can tell when you might just need their help. Now let’s be clear, needing their help doesn’t necessarily mean that they will fast-track your loan application process. It may just mean that they will help you with the necessary advice you will need to make your loan application a success.

  1. Not Having enough Cash-flow

Lenders have a way to gauging the cash-flow into your bank account. And they do this as part of the need to be sure that you are deserving of the kind of loan you seek. Therefore, if you have limited cash flow, your chances of getting a loan offer reduces.

  1. Failing to Prepare for your Loan Application

Believe it or not, some people sometimes submit their loan applications without bothering to supply the necessary documents that should come with such applications. Avoid making this mistake and all the other ones highlighted above if you wish to access loans without glitches.

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