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Healthtech - Interviews - September 28, 2020

Exclusive: How DrugStoc is Making Access to Genuine Pharmaceutical Products Easier & Faster

DrugStoc is a drug procurement platform that enables hospitals and pharmacies provide access to genuine pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Founded in 2015 by Chibuzor Opara – a highly experienced health economist, Drug Stoc serves thousands of doctors and pharmacists across Nigeria.

In this chat with Business Elites Africa, the CEO spoke about the company’s journey and the future of Africa health tech industry.

Q:What does Drugstoc do?

A: DrugStoc is an omni-channel cloud-based pharmaceutical distribution company that provides licensed health providers unhindered access to thousands of pharmaceutical and medical products they need to save lives and empower their communities.

Q: What path led to where Drugstoc is right now?

A: Prior to launching DrugStoc, My cofounder and I, incidentally, were in the healthcare space – we struggled with personal and professional challenges accessing pharmaceutical products for clients and family alike. We quickly realized there was an urgent need for a trusted

pharmaceutical distribution company that provides access to affordable anticounterfeit drugs easier and faster for healthcare providers and organisations. We decided to rise to the challenge and build that company.

Q: What would you say is the greatest strength of Drugstoc?

A: Our team is our greatest strength and as they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Our  experimential insight into the pharmaceutical distribution market in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa has also served as an added advantage.

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Q: Tell us about Drugstoc’s services?

A: DrugStoc provides a platform which enables access to good quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical products. Providing quality healthcare services is already a tough endeavour in this part of the world. What we do is to make it better by minimizing challenges healthcare providers face in accessing anti-counterfeit and affordable medication for the benefit of patients.

Our vision is to empower all healthcare providers to fulfil their mandate for a healthier Africa.

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Editor’s Note: This interview was originally conducted by Simeon Onoja

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