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Explainers - Startup - October 2, 2020

Fairmoney’s Recruitment Manager Shares Hints on how to Hire the best Talents for your Startup

Earlier this week, the Recruitment Manager at Fairmoney, Maud Grenier, wrote about the challenges she faced while recruiting talents for the Lagos-based fintech firm. She also gave some important pointers on how to hire the best talents for your startups.

“Very proud to have hired and welcomed our first 12 developers in Nigeria in 3 months time. It was also very challenging…. Hiring in a different country, in a different continent mean embracing another style of recruitment. In 24H, we received more than 150 applications. More than 600 candidates did not succeed our technical test.
We have struggled with volume, we have questioned ourselves. A LOT! Here the key learnings,” Grenier wrote on LinkedIn.

Indeed, every recruitment is critical for a startup. And this is a no brainer; after all employees are supposed to play an integral role towards ensuring the growth of the business. This explains why recruitment for startups is just as challenging and important as getting new customers, making sales, and ensuring steady cash-flow. A 2017 article by Inc. Magazine even highlighted some of the major challenges startups face when recruiting.

Here Are the Tips that Helped Fairmoney’ Grenier Recruit

  • Make Adequate Use of Referrals: According to Maud Grenier, startups should not minimise the power of referrals starting from the very onset of their recruitment process. This is a wonderful advice because when you think about it, people you know are most likely going to recommend the best talents to you. So, ask them.
  • Get External Help: This is equally if you wish to attract the best of talents. Therefore, know when to outsource your hires. Make use of recruitment agencies. You can also use Bixex, the global business exchange for business owners and business professionals.
  • Put Short Hiring Milestones: You don’t have to hire everyone at the same time. Take your time and pace out the recruitment process. Doing this gives you more time to access each candidate adequately.
  • Iterate Often on Your Hiring Process: Go over your process every now and then. Incorporate new ideas and remove what isn’t working. Mind you, there will always be new ideas to incorporate.

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