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Interviews - October 10, 2020

Exlusive: Meet Adeola Abdulkhabeer the Brain Behind Africa’s Largest Hub for Cameramen

Adeola Abdulkhabeer’s drive to solve problems around him and his years of experience as a professional photographer set him on the path that led to the creation of Africa’s largest hub of photographers.

Seeing the problem faced by clients when it comes to finding the right photographer or videographer who would commit and offer professional services, Adeola decided to create an online platform that would solve this problem.

His path to turning his business idea into an actual business was not easy, but things began to fall in place when he won a grant from Nigeria’s CcHUB, an innovation driver across Africa. Having gotten the financial push he needed and emboldened by his years of experience as a professional photographer, he founded cameraman.ng.

The digital platform connects professional photographers and videographers with prospective clients across Africa. Adeola is set to take the next giant stride in his entrepreneurship journey by laying the roadmap for the expansion of his brainchild.

Q: Please tell us about yourself?

A: I’m Adeola Abdulkhabeer founder/CEO of cameraman, a graduate of Yaba College of Technology. With a free Cameraman platform, photographers and videographers can promote their businesses, showcase their photos, gain access to detailed exclusive analytics, and most importantly, receive new requests immediately. We are among the fastest-growing photography websites, with the aim to help photographers and videographers grow.

Q: How did you discover your vision or what led you into this line of business/ career? A: I had an impromptu birthday photoshoot because the photographer that was supposed to do the photoshoot failed to show up. Later at midnight I picked my phone to check the time, it was 3 AM on Saturday and then I had 15 Whatsapp messages and 4 missed calls! Only to check and it was another photographer who just messed up a deal for a wedding photoshoot. I dropped a message and went back to sleep. Got up early to go save the wedding. The bride was so disappointed at the photographer and didn’t know why he wasn’t responding.

As a result, I became a go-to person for photographers and videographers and this led me to set up an online platform that helps millions of people and businesses connect with the best photographers. What I have since come to realise was that these events are moments you don’t want to miss or take for granted, so I would prefer to find a brand that knows the best photographers and can make them available anytime and anywhere at a great price.

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