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Interviews - October 10, 2020

Edwin Bruno, CEO of Smart Codes, Tells us the Essentials Skills every Entrepreneur Needs

Edwin Bruno is the Founder and CEO of Smart Codes, a Tanzanian tech and digital agency that was founded in 2010. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and software engineering, and had also recently underdone studies at the Harvard Business School. His innovative platform, Smartlab, has enabled the development of several groundbreaking solutions in the African tech space.

In this exclusive interview with Business Elites Africa, the businessman walks us through how it all began, his
successes, mistakes, as well as some advice for fellow entrepreneurs. Enjoy the read.

Q: Tell us about Smart Codes.

A: Smart Codes is a Tanzanian award-winning digital agency founded in 2010, with a mission to solve African problems through technology and marketing. The company offers an extensive number of services in digital marketing, technology (web/mobile products) and Innovation Hub. We are also proud to own award-winning digital products like M-Paper, and Kwanza. We are proud to cross borders and grow our innovative interactions with global partners like Google and Facebook and even have our products featured in platforms like Quartz Africa, TechCrunch, and Forbes Magazine.

Q: How did you discover your vision as an entrepreneur?

A: I grew up with a passion for computers, which led me to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and it was during this time that I saw an opportunity that resulted in a business. My determination to generate groundbreaking solutions is what makes Smart Codes thrive, even earlier on in the business, our focus has always been to develop custom solutions that suit clients’ needs and business models. With a clear understanding that the future is digital, innovative, and technological, I was able to foresee a business model dedicated to not only creating solutions for African problems, but one that sets the groundwork for others to follow.

Q: How did you raise funding for your venture?

A: Smart Codes managed to raise its fund by partnering with clients and we have grown by reinvesting with the clients’ revenue. I was able to identify digital opportunities that could amplify the growth of companies by addressing direct issues that hindered growth due to the use of traditional methods of advertising and marketing. With an ample amount of knowledge in technology and the ability to come up with innovative products and services, I was able to win solid partnerships with clients and key stakeholders whom to date have played a powerful role in growing my business.

Q: How do you define success?

A: I define success as the ability to think without limits and having no fear of obstacles. This type of mindset is essential especially for the growth of business as it automatically creates an environment to grow due to the ability to adapt new ideas, change, and seeing beyond failure.

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Q: What’s any advice you can give a young and upcoming entrepreneur in your country?

A: T he first thing that most tech entrepreneurs worry about is capital. I would like to urge upcoming entrepreneurs to focus more on the development of their ideas. Invest in your idea by making a move
around it and by accomplishing visible results. By doing so, you automatically create an environment that attracts opportunities and partnerships that can help advance your idea into a successful business…

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