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Interviews - October 16, 2020

Meet Bright Simons, a Ghanaian Sociopreneur and Founder/CEO of mPedigree

Bright Simons is the founder and CEO of mPedigree. His zest for success as a businessman is fueled by his desire to right the ills of his native Ghanaian society. From championing for the rights of migrants, to tackling public policy, he is a good example of an African entrepreneur who has the plight of the people at heart.

Bright Simons first started mPedigree as a non-profit with the goal of building a new ecosystem to fight fake medicines. He then later launched into the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship. Today, the success of his company has won him numerous awards and recognitions, including a spot on Fortune magazine’s 50 World Greatest Leaders list and the 2016 CNBC African Innovative Business Leader of the Year. He is also a WEF YGL, TED Fellow, and an Aspen Braddock Fellow.

In this interview, we get to meet the cerebral founder of one of Africa’s most impactful companies. Enjoy the read.

Q: Tell us about your company.

A: mPedigree is an ecosystem integrator that relies substantially on digital technologies to bind stakeholders together for a more transparent, accountable, and interoperable supply chain system. It aims to become the dominant supply chain operating system for aligning ecosystem actors and for enabling ecosystem governance.

mPedigree works on three continents in partnership with governments, several of the Fortune 500 companies and grassroots organisations to spread innovative technologies that secure communities from
the harmful effects of counterfeiting, especially in such sensitive sectors as health, agriculture, cosmetics and automotive. The technology has helped 100 million people globally authenticate 2 billion life-impacting products like seeds and medicines.


Beyond technology, mPedigree works to design protocols and influence legal/regulatory mechanisms. Its Goldkeys platforms and related technologies are used by regulators to map compliance roadmaps both at the aggregate level, but also in an individuated, client-based, fashion. Other mPedigree systems enable retailers to act as last-mile validators of the distribution network. At the production and manufacturing level, mPedigree is the traceability and serialisation provider of choice to many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and agro-inputs companies operating in its ambit of operations. mPedigree’s goal is to fightback against this mainstream thinking by working with partners around the world to demonstrate the power of ecosystemic solutions.

Q: What was the first step you took on your entrepreneurship journey?

A: The very first step was to define the mission such that these early collaborators could see enough of a headway to believe that the ultimate vision was realizable. Next, we needed to come up with a resources gathering strategy and a brand-promise building approach. We settled on prestigious business plan competitions with sizeable prizes to kill these two birds with one stone…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the rest of the interview here.

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