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Companies - October 22, 2020

Owners of Oriental Hotel strongly Condemn Attacks on Facilities due to #LekkiTollGateMassacre

The management of Western Metal Products Company (WEMPCO) Group, owners of the Lagos Oriental Hotel, has confirmed the reported incident of vandalism on its facilities which resulted as an aftermath of the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre. WEMPCO Group also condemned the attacks with the strongest possible terms.

In a press statement that was sent to Business Elites Africa, WEMPCO Group recounted scary details of how some hoodlums who were armed with guns, knives and other assorted weapons stormed the hotel premises on the 21st of October, 2020. These hoodlums were said to have attacked some security personnel on duty before proceeding to vandalise the place.

WEMPCO Group Decried the Assumptions that Led to the Attacks

According to the statement, yesterday’s attack on Oriental Hotel was directly linked to purported claims/assumptions in some quarters that the hotel was owned by some politicians; in specific terms, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This has been a long-standing assumption by the way, one which has now led to the destruction of some parts of the five star hotel. However, the actual owners are now setting the records straight – Oriental Hotel is 99% owned by WEMPCO Group.

“Unidentified individuals whose motives remain unknown to us have gone to town with a rather unfortunate narrative claiming that the Lagos Oriental Hotel is the investment of politicians, thereby exposing it to unwarranted attacks. Lagos Oriental Hotel is owned by the WEMPCO Group with 99% shareholding. The WEMPCO Group of Companies was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Mr. K.F. Tung over fifty (50) years ago,” part of the statement by WEMPCO Group said.


While reacting to the development, the hotel’s Managing Director, Lawrence Tung, said that the owners of the hotel are determined to protect their investments. To this end, therefore, they are “cooperating with the authorities in their investigations into the remote and immediate causes of the incident that occurred on 20, October 2020 and assure our numerous clients and partners that we are working to ensure that normalcy returns to the hotel.”

About Lagos Oriental Hotel and WEMPCO Group

Do note that in 2008, WEMPCO Group invested significantly in the Nigerian hospitality industry through the establishment of the Lagos Oriental Hotel. This investment was outside the core business focus of WEMPCO Group, which primarily specialises in steel manufacturing. The company was founded by K.F Tung and has been operating in Nigeria for more than fifty years.

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