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Companies - October 23, 2020

#EndSARS: Focus on SPAR Nigeria’s very optimistic Reaction after its Mall was Looted

This is a very difficult time for a lot of Nigerian businesses. The upheaval that has rocked Lagos and other major cities over the past couple of days has not only disrupted economic activities, but also exposed many business entities to looting and vandalism. One of such companies is SPAR Nigeria.

On Wednesday, the retail chain’s outfit in Lekki was vandalised and looted by hoodlums who took advantage of the crisis in the country. Images and videos seen by Business Elites Africa showed that the mall was practically emptied. It was a major loss, and the company issued a statement, yesterday, in response to the situation.

“Our Lekki store has been vandalized and looted. But, we acknowledge that this is only a setback compared to the larger issues we are all facing as a nation, and our thoughts and prayers remain with Nigerians everywhere, and for a peaceful resolution to various issues at hand.

“Rebuilding a supermarket is hard. Rebuilding a nation is even harder. We stand with you Nigeria. Stay focused. Be the solution,” the statement said.


As expected, the very thoughtful statement garnered a lot responses from Nigerians. Some of those who read it praised the thoughtfulness that went into writing it, even as others opined that the SPAR Nigeria is better at relating with Nigerians than the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Others however pointed out that SPAR Nigeria apparently has insurance cover and is therefore less worried about the costs of the damage, hence their optimistic update on the situation. Note that this assumption could be true. Some such as SPAR Nigeria always ensure to insure themselves against incidents like this. An earlier article by Business Elites Africa pointed out that this may not be the best time for many insurance companies.

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