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Fashion - Interviews - November 2, 2020

Oparaboy Tells us how he Incorporates Indigenous Fabrics with modern Materials to Create Regal Designs

Anyone who is serious about becoming a successful fashion designer knows that finding a unique style is the first, most important thing to do. 26-year old Oparaboy realized this quite early in life. Fascinated and influenced by his parents’ high fashion sense since he was very little, Oparaboy grew up to develop a very unique sense of style that perfectly combines local Nigerian fabrics with any kind of foreign material you can think of. In 2017, he was featured in US Vogue after a reporter stumbled on his spectacular ensemble during Lagos Fashion Week.

In this exclusive interview, he tells Business Elites Africa more about his fashion sense and his general perspective on Africa’s fashion and beauty industry. Enjoy the read.

Q: Let’s get to know you. Tell us about us about Oparaboy.

A: My name is Opara Nwaeze James, aka Oparaboy. I’m 26, from Imo State. I like to see myself as a creative entrepreneur, a serial enthusiast, and a budding businessman. I’m the creative director for the fashion brand ÓboyLagos and the Co-founder of a tour and lifestyle agency called The Waka Chronicles. I also co-own a creative agency called Trendz Creative Agency and recently started the fast fashion brand Stylelopedia.

Q: In your Instagram description, you put it simply –style, tech and lifestyle. How do all three combine to describe you as a 21st century designer?

A: Yes, those are things I’m passionate about. Style is something I can’t do without. Style is a lifestyle and in my everyday lifestyle, I incorporate all three. Tech helps me see the world beyond my room walls and also helps me to share my expression with the world as well. So, they have influenced my journey as 21st century designer in more ways than one.

Q: Let’s talk about ÓboyLagos; tell us how it started…

A: ÓboyLagos started when I was a child. I just didn’t know it was going to be called ÓboyLagos yet…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the rest of this interview on page 48 of our latest magazine edition- 15 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Africa’s Fashion and Beauty Industry. Click here to read now.

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