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Magazine - November 3, 2020

15 Entrepreneurs Disrupting the African Fashion and Beauty Industry

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The latest edition of our magazine focuses on the African Fashion and Beauty Industry and the entrepreneurs who are disrupting the space.

As you may well know, the advent of social media has brought the world closer to the people of Africa. As a result, our rich culture is gaining traction around the world. The ingenuity of the men and women in Africa’s creative industries – music, movies, dance, cuisine, fashion and the motherland’s rich cultures in general, have attracted attention from far and wide. This is a good time for the African Fashion and Beauty Industry.

The global buzz on Africa’s fashion styles and brands has been remarkable and noteworthy. Notable designers around the globe are now embracing vibrant color palate of African fabrics. The ingenuity, creativity and inspiration from African designers are finally gaining reputation across the world’s fashion stage.


In this edition of Business Elites Africa, we are proud to present some of the pacesetters in Africa’s fashion industry. These brilliant minds are continuously showcasing the rich and diverse culture of the continent in their patterns and themes.

At Business Elites Africa, we are motivated by our mission to be the voice to the vibrant men and women of our continent. To this end, we have assembled a team of talented and passionate subject-matter-experts to lead the vision. Our continued success would not be possible without our team.

We are humbled by our success thus far, and inspired by our vision for the future. Our commitment to be the epicenter of undiluted business publication in Africa is unwavering.

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