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Startup - November 5, 2020

Egypt’s Ecommerce Fashion Startup Brantu Secures Seven-figure Funding

In a Series A round led by Sawari Ventures, Egypt-based start-up Brantu, an online eCommerce fashion platform, has raised an undisclosed seven-figure sum of funding.

The funding will be used to accelerate African technology start-up growth, increase the number of products available on the market, and capture market share in the fashion and lifestyle industry in Egypt.

In order to become Egypt’s top e-commerce player that meets the needs of Egyptian customers, Mohamed Rizk and Fredrik Granström (pictured above) launched Brantu.

Mohamed Rizk, CEO and co-founder of Brantu, explains in an official press release that the digital fashion marketplace provides the ability for local and foreign designers and brands to expand their consumer selection.

“We are changing the Egyptian consumer habit of buying fashion online. Before Brantu fashion consumers bought through international/cross-border websites, facing the issues of long delivery times & customs or local general merchandise platforms whose assortment & appeal do not cater to fashion consumers. We are providing speedy delivery, trendy products & appealing content to Egypt’s mass population, serving millions of fashion shoppers.”

By creating a platform that offers fast delivery, free returns, and quality content, Brantu’s goal is to provide a positive experience for Egyptian fashion consumers.

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Launching in 2019 with just three brands and limited funding, Brantu has grown to attain more than 20,000 users in the first year of operation. The platform debuted exclusively for women as a mobile-first platform with an assortment.

Brantu provides easy apparel sales and, on the website, assists fashion labels with the onboarding process that is the introduction into the business of a new employee.

The example Brantu sets for other digital markets and the changes made because of Covid-19 is clarified by Wael Amin, partner of Sawari Ventures.

“Brantu is easily the best example of the tremendous acceleration in digital adoption that we have witnessed across all sectors during the pandemic. We have full faith in Brantu’s management team’s ability to take the company to market leadership.”

As customers moved to the digital market to fight the spread of the virus, Covid-19 accelerated online fashion.

In order to retain consumers and sales, fashion houses shifted their offline presence to the online marketplace.

Brantu describes itself as a “pure fashion player” and wants its platform to serve as the best eCommerce player in the region for Egyptian customers.

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