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Interviews - People - November 5, 2020

Ikechukwu Urum of Jabari Models Talks about the Business of Model Management

The fashion industry anywhere in the world would hardly be the same without the involvement of models. The input of those pretty-looking humans are needed in order to sell any fashion/beauty product, be it clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, hair products, etc. Interestingly, being a model is more than just looking pretty and having a fantastic body. Instead, it requires certain skills which are mastered overtime. This is where model management and modeling agencies come in.

Chances are you have heard about modeling agencies prior to this time, but never really got around learning about what it is that they do. Well, now is your chance to learn more about them because in this interview, we spoke extensively to Ikechukwu Urum who is the Co-founder and Director of Jabari Models, a leading modeling agency in Nigeria. Enjoy the read.

Q: Hi there. Please, introduce yourself for the benefit of those who do not know you.

A: Hello. I am Ikechukwu Urum. I am the Co-Founder/Director of Jabari Model Management and also the Team Lead at The Qraft Company. I have been in the Modelling/Fashion Industry since 2015 which is about 5years now.


Q: Do tell, what exactly does model management entail?

A: Model Management involves finding/scouting a talent, developing this talent by teaching them about the modelling business and what it takes to survive, and providing a platform for them to express all you have taught them. It is an all-round job I must say. I always tell my models I am their new ‘best friend’ who they can trust with anything. I feel like for you to best manage a model, you need to have an understanding of how the person thinks and then know how to communicate with said individual. It goes beyond just scouting and pushing for jobs.

Q: What has been your experience managing these models?

A: Managing models comes with a lot of stress and I must that as stressful as it is, it can be very fulfilling…

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