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Tech - November 18, 2020

10 Strategies to Attract and Retain Millennials to your eCommerce Business

Millennials make up a large percentage of the number of people that visit eCommerce platforms. They are people born between 1981 to 1996. If millennials make up a large percentage of online buyers, it’s only logical that your eCommerce marketing strategies should be aimed towards attracting and retaining them. Running a brick and mortar shop shouldn’t stop you from creating an online platform for your business. You’ll gain a lot of sales from these millennials if you choose to tap from the numerous benefits of owning a well-optimized online store.

Here are 10 strategies on how to attract and retain millennials.

1. Optimize Shopping Experience on Every Device

Despite 52 percent of millennials browsing and shopping online through their mobile phones, it’s still advisable to optimize the shopping experience for all devices.
Millennials use their phones, iPads, laptops and desktops to shop online, so don’t leave any stone unturned.

According to Neil Patel, easy-to-tap button, big, clear images, and seamless loading make your e-commerce platform more powerful.

2. Leverage Social Sharing

Inculcating social sharing as a core part of your marketing strategy is a step in the right direction. Statistics show that many millennials would rather consult their online
and offline friends, colleagues, family members before buying a product or service. Instead of focusing entirely on influencer marketing, channel your efforts to enable your products or services to enjoy social sharing.

How do you achieve social sharing?

i. Proffer the right solutions to their challenges

ii. Meet their needs and they’ll naturally tell their fellow millennials about their experience using your product or service.


3. Highly Personalized Emails are Still Powerful

Many e-commerce platforms don’t often get it right with personalized emails. Personalized emails go beyond adding millennial shoppers’ names in the subject lines. It’s more about knowing why they
abandoned their carts or left a product page, and proffering actionable solutions.

Millennials are retained by e-commerce platforms that show interest in their personal needs. Send personalized emails to millennial buyers from the data you’ve collected from your website.

4. Leverage Quality Data From Live Chats

Add qualitative data to your quantitative data by creating transcripts for your live chat. Live
chat is to provide immediate answers to questions or challenges millennial shoppers might have while navigating your website. If you notice that shoppers are all asking the same question, it’s time to add the question and answer to your FAQs.

The more you pay attention to data from live chat, the more optimized your website becomes…

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