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Zimbabwean Startup Wellnescript Launches Employee Wellness Platform

Wellnescript, a ZImbabwe-based health tech startup has launched an online platform, where employers can buy wellness videos for their employees.
Founded in 2019, a spin-off from, a digital platform for diabetes and hypertension, Wellnescript has a large library of videos from health experts on the eight dimensions of wellness.
 Zimbabwean Startup Wellnescript Launches Employee Wellness Platform

The start-up, which launched its platform in September, provides free and paid packages of modules covering topics ranging from physical and mental health for workers to financial literacy and career advancement. It also offers blood tests and health checks depending on the office and home.

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The founder and CEO of Wellnescript, Reggie Mutetwa said, “Employees also use the platform to track their physical and mental health and can request one-on-one wellness coaching from qualified health professionals. Services are personalised through algorithms. In the future, we also want to facilitate personalised wellness physical products like wellness foods”.

Mutetwa said companies and employees in Africa lack platforms where they can access wellness and life success training on demand.

“In addition, health and wellness services lack personalisation, leading to low participation by employees, while independent experts lack a platform where they can sell their knowledge and services to companies and employees,” he said.

Mutetwa said African businesses and workers lack channels where they can access on-demand wellness and life success training.

“We are operating in the South African and Zimbabwean market, but we have also started campaigns in the rest of English-speaking Africa,” Mutetwa said.

The startup, which makes money by charging a commission on sales made through its platform, is for now focused on growth over monetisation, he said.

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