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Opinions - December 2, 2020

Got No Money? Here’s How You Can Still Launch Your Startup

Aspiring startup founders are mostly puzzled when it comes to raising funds to launch their businesses. It is really difficult for many to raise the capital to needed to bring a business plan to life. The inability to mobilise the required resources needed to succeed has caused many startups to fail. This article discusses some of the ways to create a startup when you have no financial resources.

Create a Unique Solution and an Outstanding Business Model

Every startup’s true blueprint is embedded in the idea upon which it is based. You’ll find this to be true when you consider some of the world’s most successful startups   But note, it is not enough to just have an idea. You will need to be very familiar with how the idea you have would be able to produce income and also make money, probably in the long run. Therefore the first step in developing your start-up company is to guarantee that you are well aware of what you should do. It’s really important to be enthusiastic about the definition. Furthermore, the start-up idea must have the real issue it plans to tackle in the market. any startups fail because they ignore what the consumers want and in doing so, disregard the needs of the market and do what they think is intriguing.

Chase Appropriate Funding

Grants are some of the trusted sources of funding for individuals who choose to start businesses without financial capital. One nice thing about grant funding is that the awarder does not take a certain amount of equity from the awardee, which is very fascinating. There are numerous options for grant funding that might also provide a couple of millions of dollars. It is also important to realize that there are unique places for obtaining grant funds that are lucrative. If your startup is based on a radical idea like using artificial intelligence to solve world problems such as poverty, climate change, etc., you are likely to be easily endorsed for grant funding. Companies such as Google and Microsoft typically offer grants to innovators working to solve world problems using technology.

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Find a Co-Founder

If you do not have the capital to run launch your startup, this might be the time to consider getting a co-founder who has the financial strength required. It is easier with a partnership to mobilize capital from other individuals who have the money to execute your idea. e of the most fascinating aspects of partnerships is that both partners share all the pressures that come from the business. What makes a good relationship is that each member knows their role. If your start-up is about producing a tech product, it doesn’t inherently mean that for your business to grow, all members need to be techies. As stipulated in the partnership deed, all it takes is for each member to play their role. Let’s say the task of some members could be to contribute financial capital, while others could managerially and technically run the startup.

Pitch Your Ideas to Investors

There are thousands of investors ready to put their capital into an idea that is genuinely disruptive to the industry in this time of the tech-boom. One error made by most entrepreneurs is the introduction of abstract concepts that lack a clear business model. Investors don’t care about the complexity of your product; what they care about is how potent your idea is to create a lot of money for them. It is also crucial for an entrepreneur to realise that as long as a certain amount of equity is awarded to investors, they may be prepared to sign a cheque for you. This essentially means that if you ask any investor for money, you have to be willing to give them up a certain portion of your startup.

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