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Startup - December 11, 2020

SA AutoTech Startup Motomatch Creates a Faster Vehicle Sales Platform

Motomatch, a South Africa-based automotive tech startup has created a cutting edge vehicle sales platform which bypasses the regular model of selling views, clicks and impressions used by rival platforms and allows dealers to start trading immediately.

The innovative platform has devised a new way to challenge the traditional processes used currently in the automotive sales industry. 

Motomatch aims to aid consumers in the process of digitally buying and selling vehicles by providing easy, secure, and quick vehicle sales.

Dov Stern, director of Motomatch, states in an official press release that the vehicle sales network makes immediate trading simpler.


“Ultimately, Motomatch has the most effective sales conversion ratio when compared to competing for digital platforms, because these rival platforms sell views, clicks, and impressions, as opposed to offering a service that allows dealers to start trading immediately and 24/7 using any mobile computing device (desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets).”


Founded in 2019 by several tech entrepreneurs based in Cape Town, Motomatch has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to scale through the use of digital technology.

Motomatch enables customers to navigate the network of dealers and to compare the prices of vehicles for sale.

Customers can sell their cars to the dealer network and customers can purchase a replacement car on the platform.

Customers are paired with trustworthy dealers to ensure the safety of the transaction, reducing the risk of scams, theft, and non-approved purchasers.

As personal information is only made accessible to dealers it only when the customer chooses their favourite dealer to connect with.

In addition, to cover the customer’s license plates, Motmatch has an auto-blur feature in place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a major decline in vehicle and spare parts sales. In the local retail motor industry, this has reportedly contributed to downsizing and increasing the security of financial regulation.


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