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Opinions - December 14, 2020

3 Tactics You Must Master to Increase Sales

As a small business owner, your wow-factor is in your ability to excel at sales. This is without doubt the heartbeat of any business. If you’ve got a product – no matter how impressive it is and can’t get people to buy it, then it’ll be a matter of time and your business will cease to exist.

Understanding the tactics you need to increase sales will go a long way in keeping your business alive and fulfilling your goal of providing solutions for people. Let’s look at some of the three tactics we’ve gathered from Onedeck’s feature of the CEO and founder of Hyman Music, Ben Hyman.

1. Believe in Your Product or Service

This is not too big of a concern for business owners, because we are inherently committed and enthusiastic about our own business. Hyman said, “I have an easy time selling my business because I truly believe we are the best and that excellence is unparalleled in what we provide”.

This is how you must think about your business. Customers can read your confidence in what you’re selling. When you’re passionate about your product or service, people will find it easier to get on board.

2. Leverage the Scarcity Principle

Create scarcity around some of your products or services. Let the customer see the amazing benefit they can derive from what you’re offering and the limited time they’ve got get on board.

Hyman said, “Many of my services are limited, and so I encourage my clients, and/or potential clients to be decisive,” he continued “Otherwise, I have to move on and sell the services to another client, and they may not be available to the first client by the time they get back to me.”

If you sell products rather than a service, using scarcity is a little different, implement this approach using the principle of promotional pricing.


3. Plan a Pleasant Experience for your customers

People naturally buy from someone or somewhere they can have a healthy interaction with. Whether you’re on the phone with a client or in person always focus on creating a memorable experience. Use topics they can relate with to create a connection with them.

Hyman said, “When I’m on the phone with a client, I give them my undivided attention. I ask questions so I can learn about them, and then try to swing the casual talk towards subjects that they are familiar with and enjoy talking about. Almost every conversation that I have a with a potential client ends with ‘Thank you so much for giving me your time, I really enjoyed speaking with you.’

Even if I don’t make the sale, I have secured an image in the client’s mind about my brand, and the quality of my services. You never know when that can turn into a referral or a potential client down the line. One of the biggest compliments that we get in our business is when someone who isn’t even a client refers us with the same confidence that our existing clients do, solely based on either an interaction with us or feedback from our existing clients”.

You’ve heard from someone’s who used them and gotten results. The size of your business doesn’t really matter, it all depends on how well you understand these tactics and use them to increase sales for your business.


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