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Appointments - Investment - Startup - December 28, 2020

World Business Angels Investment Forum Appoints Nigeria’s Uchenna Innocent as International Partner

The World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) has appointed Uchenna Innocent (ACIM), as International Partner for Nigeria. As a partner, Uchenna will represent Nigeria at the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

The inclusion of Nigeria in WBAF provides a wide range of opportunities for Nigeria’s start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses and opens doors for economic development. With this new appointment, Nigeria has joined the largest forum of the world’s equity investment markets and will now be able to connect more with the global investors market, which will open up great opportunities for the country.

Now, local Nigerian angel investors, incubation centres, accelerators, private equity funds, co-investment funds, technology parks, corporate ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs will have more opportunity to connect with global leaders in the same field.

According to Baybars Altuntas, the WBAF Chairman, Board of Directors, the Forum “develops entrepreneurial ecosystems, and helps venture capital and companies connect with international companies, fin-techs and other relevant institutions.”

“We are confident about our contribution to the economic development of the country by facilitating connections with entrepreneurial ecosystems. We strongly believe that Nigeria will soon become a country that can foster the development of its economy in a more entrepreneurial atmosphere”, Altuntas added.

Uchenna is an associate member of the Chattered Institute of Marketing, UK. He’s a performance-driven marketing professional providing digital solutions to meet business goals and objectives; with interests in growth, product, and user acquisition. With over six years of experience, he has developed a 360 digital marketing skill-set from; Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital PR, SEO, and Paid Marketing.

Some of the brands he’s worked with include Ringier – A Swiss media group, Transfast – International money transfer by Mastercard, Travelstart, SureRemit, Babybliss, Betacar, among others.


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