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Opinions - January 5, 2021

Tips to Save More Money in 2021

Saving money for the average African is a chore most of the time. This is because most people on the planet are spending way faster than they are earning money. If you fall in this category you’d find yourself racing constantly to put aside some cash for the rainy days. There are ways to get off the fast and furious lane of savings and still save more money in 2021.

The year 2020 made matters worse for savers by ripping apart the economic fabric of several countries, no thanks to the coronavirus. We’re in a new year and being to save more money in 2021 is undoubtedly a priceless feat to achieve. Here’s how you can go save money.

Stop paying for cable tv

This might seem a little drastic, but consider that in some African countries the cost of cable TV is outrageous, especially for the average African looking to save some money. Let’st take Nigeria for example, the leading cable TV provider charges up to N18,000 (that is 45.47 US Dollar at current rates). Even the low-cost packages targeted at a larger portion of the population still charge as much as N3400 (8.59 US Dollar). That’s a lot of money to spend as an average income earner when you add it up for a year. Truth is, you won’t be at home most of the time, that’s just money burning up right there.

You can opt for streaming services like Netflix which charges $7.99 to $13.99 per month. There’s also youtube where you can a lot of entertaining content.

Bring your lunch to work

You can save a lot of money by bringing your lunch to work. Restaurants charge for a plate of food an amount of money that is usually good enough to make a whole pot of food. Seriously, do the math, in Nigeria, you can pay between N500 and N1500 for food. That amount can make a rich pot of the same food.

The thing about buying lunch at work is that you’d initially feel it’s a small purchase, but when you add up your spend for the month, that’s a lot of money.

Choose a bank that gives back

Some banks simply provide a safe place for you to save your money and nothing else; No interest, no financial benefits. These are the kind of banks you must avoid. Look for a bank that offers you the most value such as no ATM fees, high interests on savings accounts, and no overdraft fees.

Take care of yourself

Ensure you eat healthily; less junk more of natural foods packed with fruits and vegetables. Try to get enough sleep – this might be more difficult than it seems if you’re a highly busy city. Wash your hands and keep yourself covered when necessary to avoid common colds. Being healthy means you don’t have to spend your money on drugs or hospital bills.


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