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Opinions - January 5, 2021

Why Aliko Dangote does not Deserve what He’s Getting from the Internet

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man and world’s richest black man entered 2021 with scandal. It all started when American restauranteur Bea Lewis tweeted that Dangote had a romantic relationship with her and broke her heart.

While Lewis claims that Dangote broke her heart “into 1000 pieces”, the tweet mostly praises him for changing her perspective and work ethic over the course of 2020.

Lewis’ post has put the internet spotlight on the Nigerian businessman and for the wrong reasons, with a lot of memes and posts circulating the internet over the issue.

To make matters worse another Instagram user  (@allarounda1), claiming to currently be dating Dangote followed up with a series of posts, one showing the mogul’s exposed bum.

Although Lewis’ claims are yet to be validated, it is quite unfortunate that such a globally acclaimed businessman who has contributed immensely to the growth of his home country Nigeria and Africa as a whole is the subject of such a scandal.

To get the bad taste of scandal out of our mouths, here are some reasons why Aliko Dangote does not deserve the negativity he’s received from the internet.

He’s a Role Model for African Youths

Dangote started from the bottom with N500,000 and 3 trucks to sell cement which his uncle loaned to him. The serial entrepreneur has toiled and built a conglomerate – Dangote Group which deals in cement (his core business), consumer goods and petroleum.  He is currently worth US$13.5 billion. His dedication and hard work is a trait that African youths should emulate.

He has created thousands of jobs for our youths

Dangote Group of companies employs over 30, 000 people across Africa – this stats is coming from 2017.  According to the world bank, Youths account for 60% of all of Africa’s jobless. Imagine what that figure will be like without companies like Dangote’s helping to mitigate the situation.

Dangote Attracts Foreign Investors to Africa

In 2015, Aliko Dangote signed a huge deal with China’s state-owned engineering firm, SINOMA. to construct factories for Dangote Cement Plc.

The contract was worth $4.3 billion, and seven plants were to be constructed across the continent and one in Nepal. As the tycoon had done the analysis and projected the new plants to increase the output capacity of his company by as much as 25 million metric tonnes.



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