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Explainers - January 6, 2021

Who is an Influencer Marketer and why are Companies Using them too much?

There are several reasons why lots of companies are now using influencer marketers to advertise their products and services to their target audiences. But before we look into these reasons, let’s quickly examine what influencer marketing is really all about.

What is Influencer Marketing?

This has been defined by various specialists as a form of specialized Social Media Marketing (SMM) which basically has to do with paying popular social media figures (and experts) to influence their followers into buying particular products and services. This form of marketing is fairly new. And even though there are some people who do not still believe in its efficacy, Influencer Marketing has revolutionized the way companies communicate their values and reach new customers.

Who are Influencers?

The idea of social media influencers followed the advent of social media. And typically, it is a game of numbers and influence – how many followers an influencer has on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn determines how influential and sought-after they will become. Also, the level of one’s knowledge of a subject matter goes a long way to determine whether they can be regarded as good influencers or not. Basically, an influencer’s job is to influence customers into patronizing brands.


Types of Influencer Marketers

There are different types of influencers – general influencers and specialized influencers. General influencers, just like their names imply, can work with any brand to market their products. They market anything from fashion products to consumer brands and even experiences such as travel and tourism. They are unlike specialized influencers who are more or less experts in defined areas.

So, why are brands switching to influencer marketing?

According to Gbenga Sogbaike the CEO of Plaqad Inc., one major reason influencer marketing is taking over is its ability to accurately track and measure the impact of digital advertising. This is hardly the case with traditional advertising.

Secondly, influencer marketers are generally more trusted, believable and relatable than random ads. You are more likely going to buy a product or use a service because your favorite online influencer (who has tried out the product before) recommend it than if you just saw a billboard screaming at you to buy it.

Also, brands across the continent and beyond are cutting down on their ad budgets and would rather invest their marketing budget more judiciously, say in online platforms and influencers who are known to help companies to build trust with their target audience.

What do you think?

Have you ever been influenced into patronizing a brand after an influencer marketer recommended it to you? How effective do you think influencer marketing is when compared to traditional advertising? Do let us know by showing your thoughts in the comment section.

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