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Opinions - January 6, 2021

Youtube Money Making Gurus; Real or Fake?

It is difficult to watch videos on Youtube these days and not see one guru or the other claiming to have some life-changing online business model that will change your life forever.

These self-proclaimed business experts pull you in with catchy intros and the promise of free training, but most of the time you’d discover there a price tag usually ranging from US$200 to US$500 per training materials.

This brings the question, ‘are these gurus real or fake?’ whatever they are, truth is, there’s nothing these guys can show you that you can’t learn on your own and for free on the internet. Chances are, they are a lot of free training videos on youtube that already teach whatever these gurus are promising.

Here are red flags to help you know if you’re on to a fake Youtube guru.

They show off their wealth

These fake gurus show off their wealth a lot in their videos and the main aim of this is to fuel the desire in you to also own an expensive house or drive the kind of luxury cars they put on parade. This materialistic lure is never the primary focus of real business people. When you watch videos of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet or Elon Musk, do you see them showing off their mansions and fleet of cars? Not at all.

They make regular jobs look really awful

They usually start talking about how they hated their day job and how they felt drained by it. While working the 9 to 5 can be very stressful it not a good reason to throw away your money on something who has amplified the negatives of you daily work life so much that you convince yourself that you’re in hell.

The perks of running a successful business can not be overstated but you need a lot of planning and a business model that is grounded in reality, not some made-up money making opportunity that will leave you in deep regret.


They don’t have businesses outside of their guruship

Imagine a digital marketing guru that does not have any known business that is focused on what he claims to be an expert in. The question you must ask about these Youtube gurus is, Where did they train? If they love entrepreneurship so much why haven’t they set up their own business? You don’t want a teacher who tells you he or she is a guru in a field where they’ve got no practical knowledge.

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