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Opinions - January 8, 2021

3 Ways Smartphone Manufacturers Trick You

The smartphone market is somewhat saturated with several brands looking to lure you. There’s always going to be that new high tech device which is presented as a huge upgrade to the one you’re currently using.

While there’s a good number of new smartphones out there that truly offer something fresh, there’s also a lot of smartphones that’s all hype and nothing else. Smartphone manufacturers carefully market these devices to trick you into believing you’re getting something new and worthwhile. 

Let’s look at some of the ways smartphone manufacturers trick you to buy a smartphone that you actually don’t want or need. 

1 . Fake Camera Quality


Android Authority reveals that one of the key smartphone marketing tricks has been to use photos taken with a professional camera and pass that off as photos taken by the advertised smartphone’s camera.

The above image emerged online when a model in the photoshoot for a Huawei smartphone posted a behind the scene photo revealing that a DSLR camera was being used in place of the smartphones selfie camera.

2 . Fake Benchmarks

A smartphone benchmark compares the capabilities of the device with the latest standards in the industry. It gives a picture of the overall performance of the smartphone. Benchmarking provides details on the smartphone’s UI performance, multitasking performance, 3D gaming performance, storage speed test, GPS signal, battery live among others.

Unfortunately, smartphone manufacturers are starting to showcase fake benchmarks in a bid to make their phones look better than they really are.

Some of the notable companies that faked their benchmark in the past are  MediaTek, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Xiaomi, and HTC. Android Authority outlines some of the biggest offenders here.


3. Misleading smartphone images

Some smartphone manufactures are in the practice of showcasing pictures of their product that look way better than the actual smartphone and this can be really disappointing. As a marketing tactic, several brands have shown 3d renders that mislead people, be it thinner bezels, a smaller notch, or a flatter camera bump.

One of the more widely known cases was with Lenovo’s Z5 smartphone when a company executive showed off a bezel-free phone design. When the phone was released it had large borders which left customers feeling deceived.


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