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Opinions - January 9, 2021

How to Earn Bitcoin for Free in Africa

Bitcoin is causing a lot of buzz around Africa and the world. The digital currency has gained a lot of value over the years as 1 bitcoin (BTC) is currently worth US$41,447.60, that’s 15,799,825.12 Nigerian Naira and 632,809.52 South African Rand.

Africa is shaping up to become one of the world’s leading frontiers for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Recent data shows that Africa is the fastest-growing region for peer to peer cryptocurrency platforms like Paxful, which now has over 1.3 million wallets, 45% of which are from Africa alone. Another report by Luno as shows that Africa is the most promising region for cryptocurrency adoption.

The high value of bitcoin poses a strong barrier for low-income earners to invest in the cryptocurrency. But what if they was a way to earn bitcoin for free? Well, there is, actually there are several ways you can earn bitcoin in Africa without having to invest your money. Let’s have look.

Perform Tasks to Earn Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Aliens: This platform provides several means of earning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free. It’s got surveys, games and other tasks that reward you with bitcoins on successful completion. 

Bonus Bitcoin: With a regular 5 per cent bonus, Bonus Bitcoin enables you to claim free bitcoin every fifteen minutes. After you have accumulated 10,000 satoshis (the smallest unit of the bitcoin), you can then withdraw your Bitcoins, which normally takes 24 hours to process.


Bitcoin Cashback Rewards Platforms

A relatively new way of collecting bitcoin for free is Bitcoin cashback reward platforms. When making transactions with supported retailers, cashback reward services pay shoppers tiny bitcoin (BTC) refunds. Here are some of of the popular bitcoin cashback reward platforms.

Lolli: The New York-based startup in the Bitcoin ecosystem is probably the most successful of all cashback reward applications.  You will need to install the extension on your browser in order to use Lolli while you shop online. Over 500+ brands, including Walmart, BestBuy, GAP, GoDaddy and Overstock, are currently supported by Lolli.

Pei: This platform enables users to use a mobile application that allows them to use their connected debit or credit cards to earn instant cash rebates in BTC or USD while making transactions at partner merchants. Pei helps users to make extra cash on both online and offline transactions.

Playing Video Games

You can earn free Bitcoin while having fun with bitcoin games. You will have to download the games from the App Store or Play Store and play them to receive satoshis. Some of the popular bitcoin games are: 

Altcoin Fantasy: This game empowers you in a risk-free environment to learn how to exchange digital assets. Altcoin Fantasy includes weekly and monthly contests where bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH), XLM, and many more, can be won. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Bitcoin Alien Run: This bitcoin game allows you to play a fun smartphone 2D runner game and win cryptocurrency in the process. In Bitcoin Alien Run, if you manage to complete them, you’ll be rewarded with bitcoins. 

Bitcoin Affiliate Programmes

Bitcoin affiliate programmers allow you to earn free bitcoin by referring users to exchanges, wallets, and cloud mining services. These are some of the widely known bitcoin affiliate marketing programmes.

Exchanges – There are many Bitcoin exchanges that provide a referral programme to allow people to bring in other users using a referral link. As a reward for referring new customers, a percentage of the trades performed by the person is given to you.

Bitcoin Hardware: Hardware wallet providers also offer affiliate programmes. These wallet manufacturers offer up to 10 per cent commission on every device sold through your unique referral link or code. You can join a hardware wallet affiliate program from Trezor, Ledger, and Keepkey.

Surfing the Web via Brave Browser

The Brave internet browser rewards you for viewing certain recommended ads with bitcoin. This is a great way to earn, considering that you’re getting rewarded with digital cash for browsing the internet. One way to boost your earning is to ensure that you use Brave browser for most of your internet surfing on mobile and pc. It is safe and blocks ads better than most of the internet browser out there. 

PS: While some of the bitcoin earning platforms discussed may not be available in your country. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that helps you change your location to a country where the rewards are available. Some of the best VPN apps are Windscriber, Nord VPN and Express VPN.

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