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Opinions - January 12, 2021

3 Mental Traps Stopping You from Reaching Your Full Potential

Your mind has the power to determine whether you succeed or fail. It is the engine room where you make your plans for the day and how to go about executing them. Your self-worth and willingness to push for great heights all come from your mind.

When you have the right mindset, there’s no challenge that’s too big. No person, place or situation can get in the way. That is why it highly important to understand mental traps that are capable of stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

Let’s have look.

1. Self Doubt

According to Ajit Nawalkha, the co-founder of Mindvalley, a lot of successful, high-achieving people secretly suffer from what is known as the “imposter syndrome.” This is a mindset where you don’t think you’re good enough to be an expert in your field or industry, or that you’re trying to accomplish goals that are too big for you.

Ajit says this needs to stop because it will cause a lack of confidence in you and its only a matter of time and people around you will begin to notice this. You’ll also be too scared to go beyond your comfort zone and that won’t lead to a life of success.


2. Thinking things must be perfect

Ajit describes perfectionism as “fear in disguise”. You feel fear that your blog, product or report needs to be ‘perfect’ before it goes out, but the truth of the matter is you’re scared it’s not good enough and people won’t like it.  There is also as a result of misplacement of value. You spend too much time making perfect a product that should be out there helping people and developing organically. 

Ajit recommends that you read a book or find a coach to help you deal with your fears. Find a way to objectively address you perfectionism and you’ll see it disappear.

3. Thinking it’s all going to end badly

According to USQ Social Hub, if you have a negative mindset you are likely to concentrate on and exaggerate the negatives of a situation, ignoring the positive aspects. For example, if you receive great feedback on a project, with just one comment stating a mistake, without considering the other positive comments, you are likely to focus all your attention on the negative comment. As your inner thoughts focus entirely on areas where you’re lacking, this pattern of negative thinking can cause your self-esteem to suffer. To get past this you need to change your perspective on life. Focus more on the positives.

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