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Startup - January 13, 2021

InstaNovella Inc. Launches Online Platform to Help Nigerian Writers Monetise their Craft

InstaNovella Inc., a Nigerian literary startup based in Aba, recently launched its online platform dedicated solely towards helping African writers reach their audiences and monetise their craft.

While shedding some light on the idea behind the platform, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,  Dandy Jackson Chukwudi, said the following to Disrupt Africa:

“Africa is growing and we need to be entertained. Some people look for where to display their talents in writing, but have no notable place for that, and that is why InstaNovella is here.

“We fill the reading gap. The reading of books in Africa has been declining, and we want to keep this in check. To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been an0y social network platform for reading and writing stories in Africa – we have no competitor.” 


Note that InstaNovella Inc. was established in June 2020, co-founded by  Dandy Jackson Chukwudi and his business partner Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi. Prior to the official launch, the two men ran a Facebook community of writers that reportedly had about 2.1 million members.

The online platform, which makes room for both amateur and established writers, already has an estimated 100, 000 writers using it on a daily basis. Now, the owners are working towards raising early stage funding in order to facilitate the company’s planned expansion.

A Brief Appraisal of InstaNovella

Business Elites Africa had a closer look at InstaNovella’s website and came up with the following observations:

  • Alexa does not really have enough metrics to rate the site. As such, we could not find any ratings.
  • The Website Design Interface could do with a lot more work in order to give it a nice aesthetic feel.
  • InstaNovella’s website does contain a lot of information on how to use it. However, a lot of these information is just cluttered all over and navigation could be a bit difficult.
  • In all, the company has a great potential. However, considering the fact that it already has an existing and well-established competitor which is OkadaBooks, it is advisable that the owners should somewhat redefine/refocus their approach in order to compete more advantageously.

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