Mo Abudu Reacts to Claims of Copyright Infringement
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Entertainment Business - January 13, 2021

Mo Abudu Reacts to Copyright Infringement Claim Made by Tobore Ovuore Concerning “Oloture”

The Chief Executive Officer of Ebonylife TV, Mo Abudu, has finally reacted to the copyright infringement claim made against her company by former Premium Times Investigative Journalist Tobore Ovuore. The Journalist had accused Mo Abudu of stealing her 2014 investigative report titled “Inside Nigeria’s Ruthless Human Traffic Mafia”. According to her claim, Abudu and her team stole her “true life story” and adapted it into the blockbuster film “Oloture”.

In her first public reaction since the controvery, Abudu said Nigerians should disregard the copyright infringement claim because she did not steal anybody’s story. In a 10-minutes-long video she shared on her Instagram IGTV,  she made the following clarifications:

  • Part of the storyline for Oloture was indeed derived from the investigative report which was written by Tobore Ovuore and published by Premium Times on January 23rd, 2014.
  • But Tobore does not own the copyright to the story; instead Premium Times does.
  • EbonyLife obtained the copyright to the original story from Premium Times and thoroughly modified it to suit its production goals.
  • EbonyLife also ensured to give credit to Tobore in the film, and had even promised to give her 5% of the proceeds from the cinematic runs.
  • However, the film never showed in the cinema due to COVID-19 restrictions. And in the absence of a theatrical release, Oloture was acquired by Netflix.

  • Abudu further disclosed that she had ensured to establish a relationship with Tobore, and had even interviewed her on her TV show. She also provided financial support to her, with promises of giving her some of the proceeds from the film following the Netflix release.
  • Unfortunately, Tobore allegedly started making sudden and “malicious” accusations laced with “extortionist” intent. She even allegedly made demands off of Netflix and the director of the film, claiming that it was her life story that was stolen.
  • Tobore Ovuore is now making financial demands to the tune of billions of naira.
  • She concluded the video by stating that her company is prepared to defend itself against these claims, even as it is also open to an amicable resolution.

Watch the video below.

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