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Opinions - January 26, 2021

How to Start Your Own Business from Home

With the coronavirus still lurking in the shadows, more and more people are discovering ways to work remotely and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Having a business that runs from home means you don’t have to worry about renting an office space or a store, commuting to an office or managing employees.

In this modern world where technology creates more opportunities than ever before, there are a variety of home-based business you can start.

Let’s take a look a how you can start your own business from home.

1. Buy Discounted Products and Sell Online

Many businesses centre on the simple concept of importing products in bulk and selling them individually for a profit.

You can buy products from wholesalers at a lower price, store them, add you gain to the price per item, set up your online store and start making sales.

You may have travelled to another state or country where clothing, food or other items are cheaper, this is an opportunity to stock up and start making sales from the comfort of your home.

2. Sell What You Make

If you’ve got a craft or know someone who does, you can consider turning that hobby into a home business. Even if you have to produce your goods elsewhere; in a studio, commercial kitchen, or workshop.

This enables you to monitor every aspect of the product you’re selling. When you’ve gained an understanding of the demand for your product in the market, you can make them more affordable, ensure their quality or appeal to a specific market.

3. Start a Dropshipping Store

If you don’t want to store any physical product in your home or worry about inventory and shipping, then dropshipping is the way to go.

The dropshipping business model is one where a third party produces, stores, and ships your products on your behalf, giving you the time to focus on marketing and customer service.

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