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Opinions - January 29, 2021

3 Industries that will Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

The outbreak of COVID-19 saw the rise of several companies around the world but they are increasingly getting overshadowed by the competition. With Joe Biden as the United States President, we can expect COVID-19 vaccines to eventually circulate globally. 

When the dust of the pandemic dies down, the challenges it leaves behind will require solutions. Here are some of the industries that will mostly take the frontlines and thrive in a post-pandemic world.

1. Investment and savings

Following the financial shock that came with the pandemic, it is expected that Africans will start to take investments and savings more seriously. This will create a huge opportunity for businesses focused on helping households to manage their money.

2. Skill Acquisition and Development

While most industries will recover in the coming year, others like movie theatres, department stores and office space operators, my never regain their past glory, and even the most resilient may still struggle to bounce back.  This will cause an increased level of unemployment in some of these industries and employees will need new skills to stay employed.

3. Strengthening and Restructuring of Supply Chains

Before the pandemic, supply chain models were focused on reducing cost, but in a post-pandemic world, we can expect key decision-makers to make more investments in supply chains, in a bid to attract foreign activities. Inc stipulates we can expect more digitisation and automation to increase the resilience of supply chains.

With millions of people still unemployed and the significant paradigm shifts in business. There is no doubt that new industry giants will arise to solve these challenges that the pandemic leaves behind.




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