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Startup - February 9, 2021

SA Retailtech Startup Skynamo Acquires Mseller to Gain UK Market Share

Founded in 2012, Skynamo is used by executives and their managers to enhance insights into field sales operation, minimize administration, and build opportunities for coaching that contribute to higher sales.

In January of last year, after expanding to the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), the company raised a US$30 million Series A funding round in order to reach more countries. The CEO of Skynamo, Sam Clarke said it is a move that will strengthen the startup’s foothold in the UK thanks to the loyal customer base of mSeller and a highly experienced team

“By merging the best features of mSeller into Skynamo, we’ll be able to offer the global market a truly holistic order management and digital catalogue experience for field sales reps and their customers,” said Clarke.

The field sales app of mSeller is used by UK sales teams working in the sectors of toys, giftware, confectionery, stationery and furniture. The app helps field sales teams in one streamlined application to access correct digital product catalogues, pricing, customer information, invoicing and order history.

“Running a sales team is expensive, so ensuring that they have the right tools to improve sales and profitability while delivering superb customer experiences in any situation is key. Digital tools like mSeller and Skynamo are offering this functionality and redefining the way businesses with field sales teams operate,” said mSeller founder Stephen Langham.

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