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Opinions - February 16, 2021

3 Things You Must Give Up to be a Successful Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you’re like a gladiator of the business world. You’re neck-deep in a discipline that requires training – you must sweat it out in the business ‘arena’, endurance – you must not give up else, everything could be lost, and sacrifice – you need to let go of some pleasures if you must survive.

Over the years several great entrepreneurs have failed – and this is counting those who eventually succeeded and we got to know about. There’s a pool of entrepreneurial talents laying low because of the challenges they faced. Well, it doesn’t matter where you fall right now, one of the key aspects of entrepreneurship that will define your future is how much you are willing to sacrifice. Here are 3 things you must give up to become a successful entrepreneur. 

1. Being a Follower

Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to proactively take on responsibilities.  Don’t be a follower. If you’ve always been a follower, you’ll find it difficult to make decisions when confronted with tough challenges that require leadership skills. Being a follower will put you in the background of your industry and cause you to miss opportunities which could eventually end your business.


2. Playing it Safe

You wouldn’t break new grounds if you’re always doing what you’re used to, what works and is safe. You must be willing to take risks, some of which will fail and some, highly successful. Don’t be afraid to make bad decisions or fail, because failure is a part of learning and growing. What defines you here, is how you handle failures, see them as lessons learnt and use the new-found knowledge to push forward.

3. Losing Inspiration

As an entrepreneur, your creativity is one of your greatest assets. Never allow yourself to fall into the dark pit of being uninspired. The fresh ideas you’re able to conceive are what will separate you from the bunch. Do activities that require you to think differently and come up with innovative solutions. 

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