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Profiles - February 25, 2021

Intergreatme: The Journey to Digitising Regulatory Compliance in Africa

Five years ago, a group of entrepreneurs came together to tackle the challenges people and businesses face in securely sourcing and sharing personal data in Africa.

Launched in 2016,  by  Dewald Thiart, James Peter Lawanson and Luke Dominique Warner,  Intergreatme is a secure online platform that enables users to securely share their verified personal information and documents with service providers.

Dewald and his co-founders were venturing into Regulatory Tech (regtech), a relatively new space in the African startup ecosystem. The journey was going to be riddled with a wave of uncertainties, and the first hurdle to cross was raising the funds to get the startup off the ground.

A Remarkable Fundraise

In 2019, the founders turned to the crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa and embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to launch Intergreatme. What started as a regular push for seed funding was soon shaping up to be a record-breaking crowdfunding raise as Intergreatme received over R28 million (that is $1.8 million at the current rate), just six days after the launch of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, the company had a total of R32,601,000 (more than $2 million). The fast fundraise left the African startup ecosystem in wonder as they couldn’t quite figure out how Intergreatme was able to achieve this feat. 

Speaking on how was able to pull such a  huge amount of funding, CEO and co-founder, Luke Warner told Ventureburn “It was the three years of traction we attained, the cumulative networks from all our achievements and personal relationships we built with every person from CEOs of listed entities to my daily Uber drivers, security guards and an online domestic workers platform SweepSouth ladies. We treat everyone equally.

We have an extremely loyal active user base of over 20,000 users, active social media pages. Engaging our users who love us. They jumped at the opportunity to invest.

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