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Profiles - February 27, 2021

How Yobante Express is Driving Innovations in African Logistics

Some years back, African entrepreneur Oumar Basse and his team came up with a solution they believed will change the face of Africa’s logistics industry. Their innovative tech solution will make delivery of packages on the continent twice as fast and at an affordable rate.

In a move to make this idea a reality, Oumar and his co-founder pooled their personal savings and in 2018, launched Yobante Express, an online Senegal-based delivery marketplace which enables businesses to connect with local couriers, thus optimising the process of domestic, cross-border and last-mile delivery. 

The platform’s web and mobile platform leverage the growing gig economy in Africa by engaging independent and casual couriers who move packages over a  loose network of relay points until it gets to the last mile, twice as fast and 40 percent more affordable than existing solutions. With this unique advantage, the startup will go on to mount its flag in five African markets and continue to grow. 


In  November 2019, Yobante Express participated in the Startupbootcamp AfriTech accelerator programme in Cape Town and used the opportunity to launch its solution in South Africa. This marked the beginning of Yobante Express’ Journey across Africa. 


Co-founder and CEO, Oumar Basse (pictured above) in a  session with Disrupt Africa, revealed that the startup now covers several locations in Botswana and Zimbabwe from its office in South Africa, while it also serves Nigeria and Ghana.

“Yobante Express is delivering 15,000 parcels per month and is generating US$90,000 average monthly revenue. In just 18 months of operations, we have onboarded 307 independent and casual carriers, 611 relay points, and we’re delivering for more than 150 businesses” said he.

The startup creates a gateway for people on the same route as a parcel or anyone with a shop  to participate in facilitating the delivery and to earn some money.

“Yobante Express’ revenue-sharing model is empowering gig workers and communities. On each delivery, we are paying 50 per cent commission to independent and casual carriers and another 25 per cent to relay points,” said Basse.

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