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Opinions - March 1, 2021

3 Ways You Can Maintain Your Mental Clarity

Imagine a world where you wake up every day with a clear picture of what you want to achieve. One where your accomplishments meet your needs, expectations and life goals. If we’re being real, we all would love to live in a state of mental clarity. 

Unfortunately, the hustle of everyday life has a way of pulling us out of our plans and into unfamiliar territory. From waking up to a bright sunny morning, we’re suddenly faced with negative news, social media feeds that cause anger and depression and soon we’re starting to lose our focus and make bad decisions.

There are also thoughts of past failures and sad experiences that creep in and throw us off our balance. It’s a battle actually, between you and yourself – your darker side. You need to actively take steps to keep your thought on the right track.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional, being able to think clearly can be the difference between success and failure. Here are three ways you can maintain your mental clarity.

1. Focus on the Bigger Picture

It’s a lot more difficult to lose mental clarity when you focus on the greater outcome of what you’re working to achieve. We are all too frequently distracted by small information and lose sight of the bigger picture of what and why we are doing something. Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions? That’s what happens when we get engrossed in the process and lose sight of why we’re doing what we’re doing. When you remind yourself of your ultimate goal, you’ll stay much more focused on achieving it.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Right now, mindfulness is a hot topic, and for good reason. Despite the fact that mindfulness meditation has been practised for thousands of years, its many health benefits are only now beginning to be recognised.

In one study, human resources professionals were asked to participate in simulations of the type of complex multitasking they do on a daily basis at work.

Answering phones, scheduling meetings, and writing memos were among the tasks that had to be completed in 20 minutes, with information coming in from a variety of sources, including phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Only those who had received 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation training showed improvements in concentration and focus, according to the findings.

The meditation group was able to stay on task for longer periods of time, switch between tasks less frequently, and complete tasks more quickly than the other groups.


3. Guard your mind

You create an opportunity for negativity to enter your mind if you start your day by reading the news or scrolling through social media feeds. Once you start to have negative thoughts, it will have an effect on your whole day.

Keep an eye on what reaches your mind. Start your day with a walk in nature. Look outside if you can, and enjoy the rain, snow, or sunlight. Take in the beauty of the world around you.

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