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News around Africa - March 4, 2021

South Africa Loses Veteran Jounalist Karima Brown to COVID-19

South African journalist, Karima Brown has died today, the 4th of March, from COVID-19 complications. Last month, Karima was reportedly admitted to a hospital and was undergoing care.

The eNews Channel Africa (eNCA) broke the news that the anchor of their show, “The Fix,” had died.

“For a long time, Karima has been a robust voice in South Africa’s media landscape. Her years of activism preceded this. She had a big personality and didn’t shy away from voicing her opinions. Karima believed in hope. She was also a loving mother, a loyal friend, and a committed colleague. Her death leaves a massive void for many,” eNCA MD, Norman Munzhelele, said in a statement.

Brown has also served as the editor at Forbes Women Afriacca, a publication by the ABN Group, from October to December 2013. She was a notable voice in South Africa’s media landscape and gained a reputation for her political commentary.

Brown also anchored a series of television and radio shows on CNBC Africa and 702 Talk Radio.

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